“No Matter who you are,no matter what you did,no matter where you’ve come from,you can always change become a better version of yourself.”  This is what selfrebound.com is.

I am Rashmi. I am a Marketer, working in media & events industry. I worked for many big brands. I like to delivered all my projects in a timely passion. Without hardworking we cannot achieved our dream, I follow this rule in my life.

I am a talented, Ambitious and Hardworking individual with a broad skill and experience in Marketing and Event field.Furthermore i am adept at handling multiple tasks on a daily basis. A key strength is communication, building strong relationship with people in order to deliver the best result.

In my opinion problem we are facing in our life are the best mentor for us, they can teach great lesson to improve our self. But at the same time we should have the right way to deal with them. I am a very quick Lerner. I like to travel around the world to find out adventures thing. Different places, people,there stories motivate me to find my best Version. This help me to see the world by different view.

I believe that we should always express our feeling,thoughts by shearing with someone or by writing. I used to write a diary in my childhood, and  i found this is best habit i have in  my life. My diary make me feel that i can write something good. So i decide  to become  A Blogger.

In this page you will find different topics like Happiness, Love & relationships,Letting go,Change & Challenges etc. These are all different phases of life.

“You Learn more from failure than from success.Don’t Let it stop you. because Failure builds Character”

Thank you..