Amazing diet to boost immunity in this Covid-19 period

We all know the current situation of India. Everybody is fighting very badly with Covid-19, but how Long this will possible? Our body also facing a lot of infection by this but we can make it more healthy by taking care of our body, Hear are some healthy diet routines to improve our immunity so that we will pass this crucial time. So let’s start with the following point.

Keep Hydrated

This is the basic rule of diet. To keep our body hydrate start to drink more water have a minimum 2-3 ltr in a day. With water start having fruit juice.

High Protein Diet

Proteins make our cells more strong. Proteins are also important for our skin and hair.  its important to have an adequate amount of protein in a day. For this we need to have high protein food like milk,Egg, chicken etc.  start having this in our regular meal.


Kadha is a secret recipe of our grandparents. It certified proven that Kadha can solve any time of dishes. So it is good to have Kadha in our regular day. So start having this.

Exercise & Yoga

Having a healthy diet is not enough but to have better results start meditation. Meditation have a various benefits. It’s good for our body and mind too. Inner satisfaction comes from Meditation. Various dices also recover by meditation. So add this our routine,

Vitamin C

Start having fruits and fresh vegetables for Vitamin C.

Above are some very basic tips to improve our immunity. But we need to avoid some bad habits to save our body, Like stop having fast food, Avoid raw food. I hope these tips will help you to improve your immunity power.

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