Best Productivity formula to be more productive in your daily routine


We all know that our time is money, so why should waste time on non-productive things. But the question is are you really productive? The all things you do in daily routine are they all actually important? 80 % of people answer no. So let’s talk about productivity. Here is your productivity formula which helps you to be more productive in our daily routine. So go ahead and read it.
1. Break your  to-do list
It is a good habit to make a to-do list but all things are written in a to-do list are not that essential all the time. So just break your to-do list and do the thing which is actually important.
2. Be a smart worker
In our daily routine, some works are really time-consuming so just avoid such work and be a smart worker. It saves your time to do more productive work
3. Apply 80/20 Productivity formula
Only 80% of what we do is produce 20% results in a day. So do smart work so that your 20% hard work will give you 80% result
4. Focused your morning time on self
Stop wasting your morning time on social media instead of this focused your morning time decides the day plan. This habit is essential to be productive.
5. First half and Second Half
Divide your day into two groups that are 1st half a second half, and plan your work according to this group. Make sure to complete 70% of your work is completed in the first half, so in the second half after doing remaining work we will crosscheck and identify that you are not missing anything.
6. Take a break
Don’t forget to take a break in your work schedule. Take the entire break. And do something to refresh yourself.

7.Think Positive

This is the most amazing habit to be happy always so always think positively.

So these are the simple productivity formula to be productive and happy always. This also help you to complete your daily task without any pressure.

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