6 Amazing tips to look stylish in Monsoon

Stylish in monsoon

Hey Ladies,

It is said that when we look good we feel good, and when we feel good we look good.  So always be stylish.

We all know the monsoon season is coming, a very beautiful and the loving season. Since the weather also going to change so our fashion schedule also has to change. So let’s work on monsoon fashion.  Here are 6 amazing tips to look stylish in monsoon so go with following tips and be fashionable.

  1. Play with colour

We look more attractive with the colour we prefer to wear so this monsoon lets play with colour whenever you are confused what to wear go outside have a look around and then think which colour will look attractive in this atmosphere and go with that colour it helps you to look attractive.

  1. Prefer light cloth

When you choose a dress for you so prefer light cloth like salwar, Kurti, Palazzo, Skirt etc. this type of cloth dry easily. Avoid jeans, Denim etc. If you are wearing Saree so go with synthetic, silk, cotton etc. and avoid jorgate cloth.

  1. Forget Heavy jewellery

If you are a jewellery lover so take care of your jewellery. Avoid heavy jewellery and wear light jewellery like tops, Chain, oxidised jewellery.

  1. Used trendy Umbrella

Once the monsoon begins nature and the market wear a very beautiful cover of fresh colour it means Umbrella and the raincoat. You can buy as per your choice but to look attractive go with a trendy umbrella to look more stylish in monsoon

  1. Be natural

Stop doing make-up be natural and if you are makeup lover then you can go with waterproof make up a product. All are available in the market.

  1. Skincare

This beautiful monsoon also can harm your skin so be ready for your skin too. Take more care of your skin.  Instead of spending money on cosmetics start using more skincare product in this monsoon also take care our your diet have vitamin C in your diet. It will help to look beautiful.


So let’s follow these 6 amazing tips and look stylish in monsoon and look more stylish in this monsoon.

Be safe, Be stylish and Be Happy




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